Netspend Premier Card Review

Netspend Premier Card

The Netspend premier card provides convenience, security and freedom to approximately 68 million consumers who do not have a bank account. Their products are intended to be used as a tool for people who do not have a traditional bank account or who prefer to use alternative financial services. Global Payments is the world's leading provider of payment technology and software solutions, offering customers around the world innovative services. The qualifiers are simple. Simply register for direct deposit and you can send your government benefits or paycheck directly to your card. By directly depositing a total of $500 in payroll or government benefits within a calendar month, you will be eligible to upgrade to Netspend Premier. This is the best value that Netspend must provide.

Pros & Cons Analysis of Netspend Premier Card


  • no activation fee

  • $0 annual fee


  • 3.5% foreign transaction fees

Netspend Premier Card Highlights

Direct deposit and other Features: direct deposit provide a convenient way to top-up your card account and get paid faster in up to 2 days. ³ Use your card wherever Visa® debit card or Debit Mastercard® is accepted. Using the Netspend mobile app⁶, you can manage your account anytime, anywhere. You will be able to do the following: directly deposit the check into your credit card account-just take a few photos. ⁴Check your card account balance and transaction history, send money to friends and family, find a reload location without cost. With the mobile app, everything is at your fingertips.

Advantages: Gas stations, hotels, and car rental agencies often pre-authorize transactions, which means they will keep your card until they know the final amount owed. If you are using a Netspend card, the following are some common situations where authorization retention applies. Use the Netspend card to pay for gas at the gas station. You choose to use your Netspend card to pay for gas at the gas station. Suppose you fill up the tank with gasoline worth $35.00. However, your bank card account may be temporarily frozen for authorizations of up to $100 or more. Usually within three days, the transaction will only be settled based on the actual amount of natural gas purchased. This means that the additional funds held will be released back to the card, allowing you to use the funds ($65.00 or more, depending on the amount held). 

Note: You can use the Netspend card by paying at the cashier at the gas station instead of paying at the gas station. Use Netspend card to pay for car rental. You can use Netspend cards at car rental companies that accept prepaid cards. However, they usually require a deposit that is 15% more than the cost of renting a car. The leasing agency will detain an additional account of this amount, and the detention may last for several weeks. They recommend that you call the car rental company and ask how much standard deposit they need if you use a prepaid card to pay, and the typical authorization retention period for the prepaid card. Use a Netspend card to pay for hotel rooms You can use a Netspend card to book a room at certain hotels that accept prepaid cards. However, you should expect the hotel to keep your card. The reservation usually includes the hotel room rate plus a 15% additional fee, and the funds will be retained until the hotel completes the transaction. A typical hotel authorized reservation may be released on the day of checkout, or it may take up to several weeks to resolve and release. They suggest that you call the hotel and ask if you use a prepaid card to pay, what is the typical authorized retention time for a hotel room, and how long the typical authorized retention time for a prepaid card will last.

FQA of Netspend Premier Card

  • How much does it cost to order a Netspend card?

    After activating the card, you can choose from their chosen expense plan. To view the fee schedule and other fees associated with using the card, please refer to their fee schedule. When your card arrives, please activate it. Follow the printed activation and identity verification steps on the materials that came with the card.
  • How long does it take to receive my Netspend card in the mail?

    You should receive your card of Netspend within approximately 7 to 10 working days after placing the order. If you do not receive your card within 10 working days, please call Customer Service. Fill out the quick online order and they will send you a personalized card! To activate your card account, you need to provide your name, street address, date of birth, and other information so they can identify you.
  • How do I deposit my tax refund in my Netspend account?

    When you deposit your tax refund directly into your Netspend credit card account, you don't need to wait for a paper check. This means you can get a refund faster. Bring your routing number and account number to your tax preparer, or if you fill in the tax yourself, please indicate it in the designated section.
  • When will my Direct Deposit be available with Netspend?

    Once the funds are deposited electronically into your card account, Netspend will allow you to use your funds immediately-this may be 2 days faster than you expected. Please note that your card account must be active (that is, a purchase, top-up or withdrawal has occurred, or a balance inquiry fee has been incurred within 90 days) and in good standing in order for the electronic direct deposit to be credited to your credit card account. Processing direct deposit requires that the name associated with the direct deposit is the same as the name associated with the card account. Applicable card load limit. Faster access to funds is based on the comparison of traditional banking policies and electronic direct deposits.

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