Jefferson Bank Credit Card Review

Jefferson Bank Credit Card

Since 1967, the vision of the Jefferson Bank Credit Card is simple: to be a reliable financial resource for the people of Jefferson City and Central Missouri. Over the years, they have been fortunate to help clients build houses, start businesses, save colleges, and make financial plans. In their communities, they not only provide volunteer time for multiple organizations, but they also invest money in various undertakings and projects that are closely related to their employees and customers. It changes every year. Each change promises that Jefferson Bank will continue to provide exemplary services and banking solutions for families that trust them. They aim to be "people you're familiar with." "People you can rely on." They appreciate your being a part of their banking family.

Pros & Cons Analysis of Jefferson Bank Credit Card


  • $0 annual fee

  • travel discounts

  • free identity theft resolution service

  • earn one point for every dollar spent


  • does not include many credit card benefits

Jefferson Bank Credit Card Highlights

Benefits: In case you would like to a credit card for daily consumption, travel benefits, earn rewards, or just want local customer service, their credit card can meet your needs, a great choice for daily consumption! No annual fees, discounts on travel, and free identity theft resolution service! Enjoy discounts on carpooling, online shopping, and meal delivery services! In addition, you can also take advantage of protective measures during travel and low international transaction fees. Exclusive access to the beautiful aspects of travel without international transaction fees. In addition, enjoy quality shopping and entertainment, and your reward points will never expire! Earn one point for every dollar spent, and the card helps to establish or rebuild credit history. Your deposit determines your credit limit, and you can use it wherever Mastercard is accepted!

Basic Finance: The cornerstone of your finance is very important for your financial future success. Saving, budgeting, borrowing, and managing your account are all critical to your financial decisions. Whether you are making your first budget, saving for the future, borrowing for personal needs, or just want to monitor your daily expenses, they will help you understand your complete financial situation.

Mortgage Services with Jefferson Bank: Start your house search quickly by applying for a mortgage with Jefferson Bank. As a potential home buyer, the first thing you can do is get prequalified. Getting prequalified will speed up the paperwork involved and give you some weight as a buyer. You will receive a pre-qualification letter after they have reviewed your application and purchasing goals to prove to the real estate agent and seller that you are a qualified buyer. Don't wait, pass the prequalification today and get ready for the real estate market. Their rates are very low, and they are very competitive. All decisions are made locally, in your community. Call now to make an appointment or apply online! You can also stop at any Jefferson Bank location to learn more.

FQA of Jefferson Bank Credit Card

  • Does jefferson bank credit card have app?

    Use the mobile app of jefferson bank credit card to easily manage your account! You can quickly access all your accounts in one place, keep in touch with bonus points, and make payments easily! The total number of reviews on the App Store exceeds 1,300, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Their customers love it, and you will love it too! "
  • What financial institutions does jefferson bank credit card support?

    They support more than 6,000 financial institutions. If you have trouble finding it, please try the following search tips: enter the exact name of your financial institution. Next, try to search using as few words as possible. For example: You are searching for ""Maryland Employee Credit Union". Tomo integrates numerous bank accounts across the United States with the help of a third-party service provider called Plaid. If your financial institution has a nickname (ie SECU), try searching under these terms.
  • How do Deposits and Holds Work at jefferson bank credit card?

    When you deposit funds into your account, they will usually provide the deposited funds on the next business day. But sometimes, they keep deposits. This means that you may not be able to use these funds as soon as the next business day. The availability of funds depends on many factors, including how, when and where you deposit. When you deposit cash through the teller, if you deposit the funds before the deadline, you can usually get the funds immediately. The same is true if you deposit at the ATM or deposit a check written to you.
  • What is a Health Savings Account of jefferson bank credit card?

    The Health Savings Account (HSA) of jefferson bank credit card provides consumers with another option to manage the high cost of healthcare. With HSA, consumers can better control their money. They can use the money for current and future medical expenses, and tax-free growth. Unlike flexible spending accounts that are controlled by the employer and have usage or loss restrictions, HSA is portable and belongs to the consumer for life. HSA proves to be particularly beneficial for small businesses. For small businesses, traditional medical insurance is usually too expensive. Through the high deductible plan and the corresponding HSA, business owners can provide employees with the medical protection they need.

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