First Savings Credit Card Review

First Savings Credit Card

This credit card was issued by First Savings Bank and licensed by MasterCard International, Inc. to improve your credit score. The cost depends on the quote you get. The average late fee is $25. Credit limit increase-Online reviewers report that as long as you use the card responsibly, First Savings Bank will automatically increase your credit limit after the first six months. Very standard banking. First Savings Credit Card is a credit card provided by First Savings Bank. It is a MasterCard, which is accepted in most parts of the country, making it a simple card for daily shopping.

Pros & Cons Analysis of First Savings Credit Card


  • report to the credit bureau

  • no security deposit

  • online and mobile account management

  • credit limit increases

  • widely accepted


  • invitation only

  • low credit limit

  • high APR

  • annual fee need

First Savings Credit Card Highlights

Suitable for people with poor credit: You're putting in a lot of effort to repair your terrible credit, that means btaining credit card acceptance when your credit is bad is difficult. The First Savings Credit Card can assist you. Every month, your credit card provider, First Savings Bank, transmits your payment history to three credit bureaus. If you pay your bills before the due date, your credit score will improve over time. First Savings Credit Card is an excellent tool for establishing credit files.

You don't have to pay a deposit: Many people with poor credit require a refundable deposit equal to your credit limit on their credit cards. This is to provide insurance to the card issuer in case you cannot repay the loan. First Savings Credit Card does not require any deposits. This means you can keep these hundreds of dollars in your bank account instead of as a deposit. You still need to pay the annual fee, but you can rest assured to keep the cash.

Low initial credit limit: Most applicants have an initial credit limit of approximately US$300. Your real credit limit will be lower once you deduct the yearly charge. This is the standard of poor credit card credit, but it still limits your spending power. If you are willing to pay a refundable deposit, you can get a higher credit limit with a secured credit card than with a First Savings Credit Card.

FQA of First Savings Credit Card

  • Does First Savings credit card have an app?

    Use the mobile app to access your First Saving credit card account almost anywhere. You can view account balances, pay bills, view transactions, and more. For consumers seeking mortgage loans, the Federal Reserve Bank is a good bank, especially for active military personnel or veterans. This is also beneficial for depositors who are looking for competitive interest rates and prefer to conduct banking business online, as TFSB only has two traditional retail branches for customers to use.
  • Why choose first savings credit card?

    No matter where you use your MasterCard® credit card for daily shopping, dining at a restaurant or online shopping, First Savings Credit Card can provide you with convenience. Take full advantage of the advantages offered by their cards and the benefits of the first savings credit card: you can control purchases, no hidden fees, no fines, fraud insurance for lost or stolen cards and so on.

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